Can This Service Solve the Problem of Information Overload in Healthcare?

Zvi Mowshowitz Solves Healthcare Information Overload

Information overload is an issue that all of us face. Finding a decent signal in the midst of a very noisy world is a difficult challenge. Few are able to master it on a consistent basis. And that includes doctors. Check out some of these stats: 100,000 scientific journals are now in circulation. 30,000 new…Read More

Can Medical Device Companies Increase Sales and Reduce Costs at the Same Time?

Gavin Fabian Reduce Medical Device Costs and Increase Sales

What do Stryker, Biomet, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific all have in common? Yes, they all manufacture medical devices. But more specifically, all four of these medtech companies have implantable device divisions. And from 2005 – 2011, the implantable device segment has been the most consistent top performer relative to other categories including: in vitro diagnostics,…Read More

Can Nurep Solve the Inefficiency Problem in Medical Device Sales?

Paul Schultz Nurep Medical Device

Picture this. You’re a medical device sales rep covering a procedure in one part of your territory. But unexpectedly, you get a call from a physician needing case support on the other side of your geography. What do you do? There’s no way you can cover the case, right? The drive-time won’t allow you to…Read More

Social Media Best Practices for Marketing Medical Devices

Mukesh Kumar Medical Device Social Media

Did you know the FDA recently issued a multi-million dollar contract to a private company that will be charged with monitoring social media? Yes, multi-million. Needless to say, that’s a significant amount of money. Although many would argue the FDA has not been very clear regarding its guidance towards social media, you can’t deny that…Read More

The 6 Key Digital Marketing Options That All Medical Device Companies Need to Consider

Medical Device Digital Marketing

In the mad rush to arm your medical device sales force with the latest iPad apps, have you stopped to consider whether your digital marketing efforts truly align with your overall marketing and sales objectives? It’s a mistake that a lot of medical device companies are making. Perhaps more important, have you placed enough emphasis…Read More

How to Better Engage Your Physician Customers Through a Unique Learning Platform

Better Engage Physicians

How do you add value to your physician customers? How do you get doctors to “lean forward” in a conversation? Stop right now and take 10 seconds to think about those questions. If your answer is to offer lower pricing, you need to think again. Let’s face the facts. Medical device sales and marketing is…Read More

Can This Fix the Healthcare System?

Fix Broken Healthcare System

Referral communication within the healthcare setting is often one-way, damn near impossible to track, and sometimes does not include the required patient information. Don’t believe me? Check out these stats: 25% of primary care providers (PCP’s) do not receive timely information from specialists after the patient referral is made. 68% of specialists receive no information…Read More

Can Friction be Removed in the Physician-Patient Interaction? And How Can Medical Device and Medtech Companies Get Involved?

Interview with Ron Gutman - Founder of HealthTap

What do you typically do when you want to know something? You Google it, right. Pretty normal. But what if you have a health question? Google isn’t very good for delivering succinct and accurate health information. With that said, what if you could ask a “real” doctor a question anytime, anywhere? 24/7 access to an…Read More

Having a Heart Attack? There’s an App for That! The Incredible Story of How Dr. David Albert Brought the ECG iPhone App to Market

Medsider Interview with Dr. David Albert

Close your eyes and imagine the scene with me. You’re at Grandma Betty’s house for a family gathering. Suddenly, Grandma Betty begins to experience chest pain. She’s had some issues with her heart in the past. But could this be it? Could Grandma Betty really be having a heart attack? Your normal reaction would be…Read More

How to Facilitate Open Innovation in the Medical Device Space

Medsider Interview with Peter von Dyck

Peter von Dyck was frustrated.  When trying to commercialize his latest medical device, it had simply become too inefficient to navigate through various sectors within the fractured medical device ecosystem. So what did Peter do? He created a system to solve this major dilema. In this interview with Peter von Dyck, we learn how e-Zassi…Read More