4 Can’t Miss Opportunities That All Medtech Companies Need to Consider

Ideas for Medtech Companies by Jonas Funk

According to a recent L.E.K. survey of hospital executives, 56% of the respondents haven taken steps to reduce medical device sales rep access to their facilities. In fact, the CEO of an Illinois hospital stated, “We’re constantly trying to limit the sales reps…We want to see what they’re selling before they get a hold of…Read More

Can Medical Device Companies Increase Sales and Reduce Costs at the Same Time?

Gavin Fabian Reduce Medical Device Costs and Increase Sales

What do Stryker, Biomet, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific all have in common? Yes, they all manufacture medical devices. But more specifically, all four of these medtech companies have implantable device divisions. And from 2005 – 2011, the implantable device segment has been the most consistent top performer relative to other categories including: in vitro diagnostics,…Read More

Can Nurep Solve the Inefficiency Problem in Medical Device Sales?

Paul Schultz Nurep Medical Device

Picture this. You’re a medical device sales rep covering a procedure in one part of your territory. But unexpectedly, you get a call from a physician needing case support on the other side of your geography. What do you do? There’s no way you can cover the case, right? The drive-time won’t allow you to…Read More

Are Medical Device Models the Key to Building a Lean Medtech Startup?

Allison Rae Pulse Research and Development Lean Medtech Startup

The lean startup movement has become increasingly popular within the tech community after the release of Eric Ries’ book in 2011. Although I personally believe the lean startup methodology is brilliant, some aspects are difficult to apply to the medtech space. For example, it costs significantly less money to iterate on a software idea in…Read More

Social Media Best Practices for Marketing Medical Devices

Mukesh Kumar Medical Device Social Media

Did you know the FDA recently issued a multi-million dollar contract to a private company that will be charged with monitoring social media? Yes, multi-million. Needless to say, that’s a significant amount of money. Although many would argue the FDA has not been very clear regarding its guidance towards social media, you can’t deny that…Read More

Substantial and Sustainable – 2 Words That Medtech Companies Should Get Used To

Substantial Sustainable - Medical Device - Intralign

As the world of healthcare continues to change and evolve, hospitals and healthcare providers are facing a major dilemma. There will continue to be an increasing number of patients that need healthcare. But, the reimbursement for healthcare services will continue to decline. In other words, there will be more customers checking out, but less money…Read More