Can Medical Device Companies Increase Sales and Reduce Costs at the Same Time?

Gavin Fabian Reduce Medical Device Costs and Increase Sales

What do Stryker, Biomet, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific all have in common? Yes, they all manufacture medical devices. But more specifically, all four of these medtech companies have implantable device divisions. And from 2005 – 2011, the implantable device segment has been the most consistent top performer relative to other categories including: in vitro diagnostics,…Read More

Why Early Stage Medical Device Deals Aren’t as Bad as You May Think

Mike Carusi Early Stage Medtech VC

Warren Buffet is often quoted as stating, “The best time to be greedy is when others are fearful.” But can this same concept apply to the medtech space? Can limited partners (the investors in a venture fund) be sold on the idea of bankrolling early stage medical device companies? In this interview with Mike Carusi,…Read More

Are Medical Device Models the Key to Building a Lean Medtech Startup?

Allison Rae Pulse Research and Development Lean Medtech Startup

The lean startup movement has become increasingly popular within the tech community after the release of Eric Ries’ book in 2011. Although I personally believe the lean startup methodology is brilliant, some aspects are difficult to apply to the medtech space. For example, it costs significantly less money to iterate on a software idea in…Read More

Why Intersect ENT is an Example of Hope for the Medtech Industry

Lisa Earnhardt Medical Device Startup CEO

The 2.3% medical device tax is burdensome. Regulatory timelines are long (and expensive). Reimbursement is not only decreasing, but also incredibly hard to obtain. Venture capitalists are losing interest in early stage medical device deals. Is it all downhill for medtech? There is no doubt the current healthcare environment is challenging. But certainly not impossible!…Read More

The Crucial Drivers That Large Medical Device Companies Want to See in Medtech Startups

Don Urbanowicz Medical Device Acquisitions

Uncertainty. It’s the one constant in today’s healthcare environment. And of course, uncertainty causes a multitude of questions to arise. How will the 2.3% medical device tax affect small medical device companies? How long will it take the FDA to issue a 510(k) approval? Are we really looking at $60 million for this PMA? What…Read More

Is Medtech Venture Capital Dead in the Water?

Kevin Bitterman Polaris Venture Partners Medtech Venture Capital

Is medtech venture capital like a rare, nearly extinct animal? You know, similar to one of those odd, but interesting animals we’ve all seen on the Discover Channel? Like the Passenger Pigeon. In fact, as recently as 200 years ago, Passenger Pigeons weren’t anywhere near extinction. They were actually the most common bird in North…Read More