Meshing Internet Marketing with Medical Device Companies

Medical Device Internet Marketing

Dennis Rosenberg has been using internet marketing to blaze trails within the medical device space for nearly 15 years.  And it hasn’t been easy.  In this interview, Dennis teaches us how he’s done it while providing some amazing insights into his 25-year career in sales and marketing. Online since 1998, Dennis has focused extensively on…Read More

From Suing Pharma Companies to Marketing Medical Devices

Medical Device Career Transition

How do you go from suing pharma companies to marketing medical devices? Listen close because John Samawi did just that. His career in healthcare started with a role at Lopez, Hodes, Restaino, Milman & Skikos. Within this firm, John evaluated pharmaceutical marketing strategies and regulatory compliance pertaining to mass tort. He used this position to…Read More

Developing iPad Applications for Medical Device Companies

Medical Device iPad Apps

Did you know that Medtronic alone purchased 4,500 iPads in late 2010? 4,500 x $700 (estimated) = $3,000,000! Yes, you read that right. 6 zeros behind the 3. That doesn’t include the reoccurring data charges either. And that’s just one company! Needless to say, the iPad is a hot topic within the medical device space….Read More

From Grocery Sales to OR Capital Rep

Grocery Sales to OR Capital Rep

How do you go from selling groceries to selling medical devices?  Mike Donnelly knows how because he did it.  But it wasn’t the money that initially drew Mike into the medical device space.  Mike was allured to medical device sales because of the analytical approach it requires.  Mike got his start in medical sales with…Read More

From Naval Officer to Kyphon

From Naval Officer to Kyphon

Jason Motes is a Spine Consultant with Kyphon.  But that’s not all. He’s also a Lieutenant in the United States Navy.  Jason took advantage of a unique military recruitment program that has allowed him to forge a career with Kyphon, a division of Medtronic. Interview Highlights with Jason Motes The unique military recruiting program Jason…Read More

Rookie Reps Need to Fail

Rookie Reps Need to Fail

DJ Larson grew up around business and sales.  His family owned a “ma and pa” pharmacy and was involved in Amway.  DJ has leveraged those experiences in his medical device career with PSS, Covidien, and now Johnson & Johnson. Interview Highlights with DJ Larson When interviewing, you need to network, network, network…but don’t stop there!…Read More