Is the Medical Device Tax Justifiable? Revealing Report Shows Otherwise

Matt Dolan Medical Device Tax

Opinions abound when it comes to the 2.3% medical device tax. Most of them negative. But often times, many of these opinions are NOT backed by facts and data. For example, most medtech professionals would agree that even though more Americans will be insured through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), this will not equate to…Read More

Unique Ways to Win Over the NEW Healthcare Decision Makers

Novasyte Medical Device Sales

As more and more hospitals acquire physician practices, do you know who the new decision makers are? Hint: It’s not the people wearing scrubs. Instead, it’s the people wearing dress shirts and ties. Don’t misunderstand me. I firmly believe physicians still have a say as to which medical devices they use. But without a doubt,…Read More

How to Comply with the Sunshine Act – Best Practices and Critical Guidelines

Sunshine Act Compliance

Will the Sunshine Act force medical device companies to lay off even more employees? Perhaps at a rate of 2-4 per year? Let’s do some simple math: It’s estimated that compliance with the Sunshine Act will cost medical device companies about $200,000 per year. If the average annual salary of an employee within a medical…Read More

The Crucial Drivers That Large Medical Device Companies Want to See in Medtech Startups

Don Urbanowicz Medical Device Acquisitions

Uncertainty. It’s the one constant in today’s healthcare environment. And of course, uncertainty causes a multitude of questions to arise. How will the 2.3% medical device tax affect small medical device companies? How long will it take the FDA to issue a 510(k) approval? Are we really looking at $60 million for this PMA? What…Read More

Is Medtech Venture Capital Dead in the Water?

Kevin Bitterman Polaris Venture Partners Medtech Venture Capital

Is medtech venture capital like a rare, nearly extinct animal? You know, similar to one of those odd, but interesting animals we’ve all seen on the Discover Channel? Like the Passenger Pigeon. In fact, as recently as 200 years ago, Passenger Pigeons weren’t anywhere near extinction. They were actually the most common bird in North…Read More

How to Fund Medtech Startups in a Capital-Efficient Manner

Rich Ferrari Medtech Venture Capital

“We will NOT invest in your company because it’s clear you’ll need a PMA.” That’s the stance that some medtech venture capitalists are currently taking. Why? Because costs continue to rise for early stage medical device companies at a significant clip. While the approximate cost to obtain a PMA approaches $100 million, 80% of medtech…Read More