4 Ideas Your Medical Device Company is Missing from its Marketing Strategy: Interview with Joe Hage, Chairman of the Medical Devices Group

Medical device marketing consultant Joe Hage is on a mission: To help your company generate more leads.

How does he determine which companies need help?  “I look to see how easy is it for me to leave my contact information,” Joe says.  

And don’t ask him for his physical address or industry. “If I want to find out about your stress machine, why do you need my physical address?”  The lesson: Make it easy as possible for a prospect to get in touch with you.

Another lesson: If you are in medical device marketing or sales, listen to what this industry leader is doing and copy him.

Interview Highlights with Joe Hage

  • How Joe, with a limited medical device industry background, helped Cardiac Science become a medtech marketing leader.
  • Why Joe thinks search engine optimization (SEO) is among the most important elements for your marketing mix.
  • How you can use editorials to demonstrate medical device industry leadership.
  • Why sending prospects to your site homepage may not be the best idea.
  • How you can use social media in an industry as regulated as medical devices.

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Who is Joe Hage?

Joe Hage is the Founder and CEO of Medical Marcom, a medical device marketing consultancy. He’s a Wharton MBA and 20-year marketing professional. Before his 3+ years in medical device marketing, Joe did everything but medical. Joe is classically trained in consumer packaged goods (Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup), internet marketing (1800FLOWERS.com), agency work, and B2B marketing (FedEx, Safeco Insurance). At a publicly-traded medical device company (Cardiac Science), Joe helped create an entirely new web presence and strategy, helped increased page views by 253 percent, introduced social media, and helped generate a lead pipeline in excess of $7 million.

Check out his frequently updated Medical Marcom blog and join his Medical Devices Group on LinkedIn.

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