The Biggest Mistakes Medical Device Companies Make When Commercializing in Europe: Interview with Michael Branagan-Harris, CEO of Device Access UK

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Medsider Interview with Michael Branagan-Harris

Michael Branagan-Harris is the CEO of Device Access UK and has been involved in the marketing of medical devices to the National Health Service (NHS) for the last 27 years. Products he’s commercialized range from simple wound dressings to the introduction of the Lap Band for obesity, endovascular graft repair, endo laparoscopic surgery, and the DaVinci robot.

Since incorporating Device Access UK in 2010, Michael and his team have helped over 180 medical device and diagnostic companies navigate their way into the NHS. Their clients range from small start-ups to large multinationals from across the world.

In 2014, Device Access was granted a commercial license from NHS England to access over 750 million pseudonymous patient health records. This data allows Device Access to examine diagnosis, procedure, and spend data nationally by NHS hospitals, and in turn enables them to do 3 things:

  1. See how their client’s technology could affect the current patient pathway.
  2. Assist in building a value story with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).
  3. Develop a solid business case for local and national NHS Hospital adoption.

Interview Highlights with Michael Branagan-Harris

  • What has changed since my last interview with Mike 4-5 years ago, especially as it pertains to the NHS, NICE, and the National Innovation Center (NIC).
  • The current and significant need for medtech innovation in the UK.
  • The biggest mistakes medtech companies make when commercializing in Europe.
  • The ideal process medical device companies should follow when launching their devices in the UK, including Mike’s PICO framework and Connect4 methodology.
  • Mike’s thoughts on Brexit and what it means for medtech in the UK.

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