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How Remote Testing Can Change the Game for Patients and Clinicians: Interview with Katherine Ward of

I recently sat down with Katherine Ward, Chief Commercial Officer and managing director for She has worked in healthcare for 28 years — including 15 years with the UK National Health Service and 11 years with United Health Group, where she was the Chief Executive with United Health UK and Chief Growth Officer with […]

How Medtech Companies Can Enhance Procedural Workflow and Capture Intra-Operative Data: Interview with Jennifer Fried, CEO of ExplORer Surgical

In this episode of Medsider Radio, we downloaded with Jennifer Fried, the CEO and Co-Founder of ExplORer Surgical. Jennifer founded the company with Dr. Alex Langerman as an MBA student at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where she received her degree with honors in finance and entrepreneurship. Previously, Jennifer...

Can Social Healthcare Replace Clinical Trials? Interview with Ben Heywood, President of PatientsLikeMe

Every day, data is lost between the clinician-patient interaction. Given the fact that physicians under report over 50% of the symptoms and side effects their patients experience, this is a significant amount of information. This is data that could otherwise be used to formulate new pharmaceutical drugs or design innovative medical...

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