A Disruptive Force in Healthcare Media

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Chris Seper has been described as someone who’s taken MedCity Media to a place where big companies are slowly heading.  But how has he accomplished this in such a short period of time?  How has Chris used disruptive content to blaze trails within the healthcare media space?  Listen to this interview as Chris describes his journey.

Who is Chris Seper?

Disruptive Force Healthcare Media

Chris Seper is a new-media entrepreneur who started and leads MedCity Media, which publishes MedCityNews.com and has an overall focus of creating content for anyone with a vested interest in healthcare. MedCity Media serves the everyone’s-a-publisher world of modern media by providing organizations made-to-order health content of any kind, as well as reusable health business content. It also offers access to a lucrative audience of healthcare stakeholders through online platforms like MedCityNews.com. In two years the company has opened offices in three major medical hubs: Cleveland, Minnesota’s Twin Cities and Research Triangle Park.

Chris’s byline has also appeared in The Plain Dealer, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post and Christian Science Monitor. At The Plain Dealer he was an awarding-winning technology reporter and later the paper’s first online medical editor, responsible for creating destination sections for consumer health and healthcare business while advising the paper’s online editor on topics including social media. He holds a master’s degree in political science and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from Eastern Illinois University.

Interview Highlights with Chris Seper

  • What makes MedCity Media different?
  • MedCity’s 3 buckets: content services, digital products, and news syndication.
  • Why and how Chris started MedCity.
  • Big challenges and surprises Chris encountered in the early stages of launching MedCity.
  • Early wins for MedCity that helped fuel the flame.
  • The premise of MedCity Life.
  • MedCity’s unique content creation service.
  • Who is MedCity’s audience?
  • The near term future for MedCity.
  • Why Chris is amazed at the healthcare reform “wildcard”.
  • The importance of actionable intel and why a premium should be placed on unique and valuable content.
  • And much, much more!

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