Why Keeping The End in Mind is Critical for Every Medtech Entrepreneur: Interview with Erica Rogers, CEO of Silk Road Medical

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Medsider Interview with Erica Rogers CEO of Silk Road Medical

In this two-part interview, I was lucky enough to sit down with Erica Rogers, CEO of Silk Road Medical. We first spoke a few years ago and then again much more recently to catch up on what had changed at Silk Road since our first conversation.

During our catch up, we discussed how Erica led her team at Silk Road through PMA approval, successful insurance coverage and reimbursement strategy, which led to a very rewarding public offering for Silk Road, opening at $20 a share. This resulted in the opportunity to continue the company’s goal, which is to change the standard of care in carotid artery disease with their TCAR procedure.

Much of our first conversation was about Erica’s career trajectory and how she was able to successfully, and gracefully, exit multiple medtech companies. Her lengthy career and insight as a medtech thought leader is just as interesting today as it was when we recorded our conversation.

Before leading Silk Road, Erica was the COO of Medicines360, a nonprofit pharmaceutical company developing drugs and devices for women. Erica was the founder and CEO of Allux Medical as well as the cofounder of Visiogen, which was acquired by Abbott Medical Optics in 2009.

Prior to that, Erica spent over 12 years at Boston Scientific in a variety of sales and marketing positions. She began her career in pharmaceutical sales after receiving a B.S. in Zoology from San Diego State University. Erica holds five issued and 15 pending US patents for medical devices in nanotechnology. 

Interview Highlights with Erica Rogers

  • How she felt when Abbott purchased Visiogen in 2009, the company she initially cofounded.
  • Why keeping the end in mind is critical for every medtech entrepreneur. 
  • The key lessons Erica learned at Allux Medical when they were forced to shut the company down. 
  • Why every medical device entrepreneur absolutely needs to start with a problem first so you don’t end up with a solution looking for a problem. 
  • Why other medtech startups should pay attention to the unique partnership that Silk Road Medical has with Johnson & Johnson. 
  • Specific to reimbursement, why it is imperative to put yourself in the shoes of CMS and/or societal stakeholders. 
  • Why Silk Road went public and what led to their overwhelming success.
  • Erica’s favorite business book, the CEO she most admires, and what she’d tell her 30-year-old self.

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