Inside the Mind of a Medtech VP of Sales

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Sean Moore went from medical device sales rep to VP of Sales for one of the largest medtech companies in less than 10 years.

Pretty impressive, right?

Just like me, you might be thinking, “How did he do it? Killer sales results year after year? Right place at the right time?”

In this interview with Sean Moore, VP of Sales and Marketing for ConMed, you’ll learn the keys to his rapid career advancement within the medical device space. Better yet, you’ll walk away with some fantastic insights from one of the rising stars throughout all of medtech.

Interview Highlights with Sean Moore

  • The top 3-5 keys to Sean’s rapid career advancement within the medtech space.
  • What does Sean look for when promoting sales reps and/or sales managers?
  • The character traits of the most successful medical devices sales reps and sales managers?
  • What surprised Sean the most when combining the sales and marketing departments at ConMed?
  • Direct sales vs. distribution. For medtech companies, is one better than the other? Can they work together?
  • Why is culture so important within a medical device company?
  • What concerns Sean the most about the rapidly changing healthcare environment? Conversely, what excites him the most?
  • Specific to medtech companies, what will change the most within the next 4-5 years? How about the next 7-10 years?
  • What does Sean know now that he wished he knew at the beginning of his medical device career?

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More About Sean Moore

Sean Moore Medtech VP Sales and Marketing

Sean Moore is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Conmed. He has extensive experience establishing and managing top-producing sales organizations. Sean also has a proven success record generating, negotiating, and winning major national accounts. Feel free to connect with Sean on LinkedIn. And don’t forget to check out his personal website, where Sean writes about medical device sales and marketing.

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