How Remote Testing Can Change the Game for Patients and Clinicians: Interview with Katherine Ward of

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I recently sat down with Katherine Ward, Chief Commercial Officer and managing director for She has worked in healthcare for 28 years — including 15 years with the UK National Health Service and 11 years with United Health Group, where she was the Chief Executive with United Health UK and Chief Growth Officer with Optimum International.

In this conversation, we cover what does for the broader healthcare community, lessons from the COVID-19 crisis, clinical-grade population health technology, decentralized remote diagnostic screening, and how their technology works with existing health systems.

Interview Highlights with Katherine Ward

  • Who is Katherine and what is her background?
  • What is and what challenges or problems do they solve for patients and clinicians?
  • Why the time finally come for decentralized remote diagnostic screening, using urine testing as an example.
  • Lessons on the importance of virtual testing from the COVID-19 crisis.
  • How has approached the regulatory and reimbursement landscapes, including their clinical trial strategy.
  • How their population health technology works together (with and within) existing healthcare systems.
  • Katherine’s favorite genre of books, the leader she most admires, and the advice she’d give to her younger self.

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