Clinical Trials as Revenue Drivers: Interview with Matthew Amsden, CEO of ProofPilot

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In this episode of Medsider Radio, our guest is Matthew Amsden, the Founder and CEO of ProofPilot, a platform designed to help people design, launch and participate in clinical trials.

ProofPilot’s mission statement revolves around making it incredibly easy to run scientifically-valid research studies. They’re dedicated to making research study participation accessible, interesting, and fun.      

In this discussion with Matthew, we chatted about the importance and feasibility of virtual clinical trials, how they can potentially become a revenue driver, the origin story of ProofPilot, and why their hybrid model is so popular.

Interview Highlights with Matthew Amsden

  • Who is Matthew Amsden and where did the idea for ProofPilot begin?    
  • Why clinical trials are important and how to make them feasible for healthcare companies.   
  • The importance of letting early customers try product iterations.
  • How clinical studies can become a revenue driver instead of a cost center. 
  • Various types of clinical trials and how they’re conducted on the ProofPilot platform.
  • Risky and costly approaches to traditional clinical studies.     
  • The synergy between data, compliance, and incentives.
  • How a virtual, hybrid model can solve problems when it comes to traditional clinical trials.     
  • Matthew’s favorite business book, the mentor he most admires, and the advice he’d give to his 30-year-old-self.

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