From Grocery Sales to OR Capital Rep

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Grocery Sales to OR Capital Rep

How do you go from selling groceries to selling medical devices?  Mike Donnelly knows how because he did it.  But it wasn’t the money that initially drew Mike into the medical device space.  Mike was allured to medical device sales because of the analytical approach it requires.  Mike got his start in medical sales with FLA Orthopedics.  He’s since been with ConMed Electrosurgery and is now a Surgical Specialist with Megadyne.

Interview Highlights with Mike Donnelly

  • How Mike used the phrase “I’m new” to drive sales as a rookie.
  • Mike’s early mistake with materials management.
  • Why learning from other sales reps is invaluable.
  • How to win the rebate battle.
  • The importance of becoming an expert.
  • How to be strategic in your career moves.

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