Are You a Physician Inventor?

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Most clinicians have powerful ideas on how to improve the medical devices and tools they use. Unfortunately, very few clinicians can actually reach out and collaborate with medical device manufacturers to come up with better solutions. The end result: thousands of ideas that storm through the minds of clinicians everyday will never see the light of day. That’s why Ken Solovay founded ScrubStorm and Healing Innovation. You see, ScrubStorm is built on the premise that the ideas of physicians and clinicians must be leveraged in order to improve healthcare for everyone.

Physician Inventor

Ken Solovay has spent the last 19 years developing novel medical devices, including 27 issued US patents, which have been predominantly less-invasively delivered implantable devices. Ken has also led both large cross-functional product development and commercialization teams at major medical device firms and small start-up operations that rely on outsourced resources. He has experience evaluating technology, working with IP counsel, and venture capital firms.

Interview Highlights with Ken Solovay

  • What is ScrubStorm? And how are they “democratizing innovation”?
  • Why discipline in early innovation makes a huge difference.
  • ScrubStorm’s unique online platform for physician inventors and medical device manufacturers.
  • The barriers that exist for physician participation in ScrubStorm.
  • The premise behind the Healing Innovation community.
  • Ken’s amazing background and experiences within the emerging medical device arena.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure…and the importance of failing early.
  • And much, much more!

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