The Steady and Successful Climb of BAROnova

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Henry Ford is famous for stating, “If I had asked people what they wanted, I would have built a faster horse.” Although it’s arguable whether he ever uttered those words, the statement is still very powerful.

And it’s one that Hugh Narciso has taken to heart. In fact, in the early days of BAROnova, when Hugh and his team were getting feedback from KOL’s, they utilized this framework to help propel their device forward.

In this interview with Hugh Narciso, we learn more about the strategies and tactics his team employed throughout BAROnova’s steady and successful climb over the past 10 years.

Interview Highlights with Hugh Narciso

  • How Hugh’s early experiences in pharma and medtech helped him advance throughout his career.
  • Hugh’s advice for building out an initial team within a medtech startup.
  • Why BAROnova is taking a dual-track approach when it comes to insurance coverage and reimbursement.
  • Hugh’s experiences in raising funds from both venture capital firms and corporate venture arms.
  • Why BAROnova’s TransPyloric Shuttle weight-loss system is different than the LAP-BAND.
  • Hugh’s favorite business book, who inspires him, and what he would tell his 30-yr.old self.

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About Hugh Narciso

Hugh Narciso - Founder of BAROnova

Hugh Narciso has more than 25 years of medical-device and pharmaceutical development experience with an emphasis on establishing and building venture-funded start-up companies. Prior to founding BAROnova in 2006, he held senior executive positions or served on the board of directors at a variety of companies including Leptos Biomedical, Inc. (COO), Lambda Pharmaceuticals (board member), Corvascular Surgical Systems, Inc. (COO/VP, Research and Development), and Miravant Medical Technologies (VP, Product Development). Hugh is a named inventor on more than 30 U.S. patents and on a comparable number of international patents.

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