From Suing Pharma Companies to Marketing Medical Devices

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Medical Device Career Transition

How do you go from suing pharma companies to marketing medical devices? Listen close because John Samawi did just that. His career in healthcare started with a role at Lopez, Hodes, Restaino, Milman & Skikos. Within this firm, John evaluated pharmaceutical marketing strategies and regulatory compliance pertaining to mass tort. He used this position to launch his career in the medical device space with companies like Lifemasters and Bacchus Vascular. His most recent position was the Director of Global Lifecycle Marketing for Covidien.

John Samawi has a proven track record of portfolio development, management, and commercialization strategies. He has a broad range of experiences developing portfolio strategies, lifecycle management, product launches, clinical strategies and white space opportunities.

Interview Highlights with John Samawi

  • John’s unique experience with mass tort and how that helped launch his medical device career.
  • Difference between upstream and downstream marketing within the medical device space.
  • The positives and negatives of working within a start-up medical device company.
  • Best strategies for developing physician practices and why large institutions often don’t pay big dividends.
  • How a medical device goes from an initial idea to product launch.
  • Why marketers need to foster open lines of communication.
  • How John has been able to shorten the learning cycle.
  • Why getting your hands dirty is a must for everyone within medical device arena.

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