They Sold Their Company to Boston Scientific and Then Reacquired the Technology Years Later – The Unique Story of NuCryo Vascular

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Because of diminishing margins, a lot of major medical device companies continue to add products to their sales bag in hopes of meeting top-line revenue goals. But selling the entire bag is challenging.

When the bag gets too big, a typical sales force will usually focus only on products that generate the most revenue. So what happens to those products that don’t produce much revenue? Well, they’re sometimes just lost in the dust.

In this interview with Kevin Beedon, General Manager of NuCryo Vascular, we learn how their team is taking advantage of this very scenario as they look to commercialize the newly redesigned PolarCath device.

Interview Highlights with Kevin Beedon

  • Why the founders of NuCryo Vascular decided to reacquire the technology they originally sold to Boston Scientific just years earlier.
  • After initially signing a distribution deal with Vascular Solutions, why the team at NuCryo Vascular decided to go with a direct sales force instead.
  • How the team at NuCryo Vascular was able to quickly make engineering changes to the PolarCath device and then get FDA approval only 40 days later
  • Kevin’s advice for making career changes within the medical device space.
  • Kevin’s favorite business book, the business leader he most admires, and the advice he’d give to his 30-yr. old self.

About Kevin Beedon

Kevin Beedon - GM of NuCryo Vascular

Kevin Beedon is the General Manager and Vice President of NuCryo Vascular, a subsidiary of Gemini Interventional Technologies. Prior to his role at NuCryo, Kevin has held sales and marketing leadership positions for companies like Spectranetics, Boston Scientific, and Pfizer. Kevin received a MBA in finance from Central Michigan University and a B.S. in chemical engineering from Michigan State.

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