Medsider Mentors: Volume I

Hey friend, it's Scott, the Founder of Medsider. As someone who is fascinated by medical and health technology, it’s been a pleasure speaking to so many people who are making a real, tangible impact. They care deeply about the work they’re doing and the patients they’re helping.

For this inaugural volume of Medsider Mentors —  the first of many — I’ve chosen to highlight seven of the guests I’ve had the privilege of interviewing for the Medsider podcast.

I’ve compiled the best advice and insights from these conversations, although if you haven’t listened or read them in their entirety, I can promise there is a lot more that I couldn’t include here.

Here’s a teaser of what to expect in Medsider Mentors, Volume I:

Garheng Kong on Pitching Your Medtech Startup

Managing partner of private asset firm HealthQuest Capital, Garheng Kong has a long history of healthcare investing. He outlines what startup leaders need to show potential investors in their pitches — and the pitfalls to avoid. (Hint: Do not copy and paste that introductory letter.)

Nic Anderson on Getting in with Insurers

If you’ve been spending your marketing budget schmoozing hospital administrators, stop right now. Healthcare economist Nic Anderson explains why the very first party you need to impress are the insurers — and how to write a dossier that will get you in their good graces.

Bart Bandy on Building the Right Hype

As COO of Inamed, Bart Bandy gained first-hand experience of what’s needed to take a medical startup from idea to acquisition — and he’s doing it all again as CEO of ReShape Lifesciences. Bart explains how to build a presentation that will sell potential investors or new hires on your company, even if you’re not in the room.

Patricia Zilliox on What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials

Patricia Zilliox spent three decades managing clinical development programs for eyecare giant Alcon, and is now CEO of Eyevensys, a startup developing new treatments for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Patricia shares her invaluable insights into one of the most daunting challenges of operating a healthcare startup: planning clinical trials. Plus, the gory details of fundraising.

Steve Anderson on Attracting Startup Advisors

Having started his career at Medtronic, one of the giants of medtech, Steve Anderson went on to hold leadership positions at multiple large organizations. In 2011, inspired by a genuine eureka moment, he co-founded Preceptis Medical, creating pioneering pediatric ear surgery technology. Steve explains why it’s so important to find advisors who have been there, done that, and the scars to prove it.

Peter Vranes on Winning Publicity

After a successful exit from skincare company Biocore Technologies in 2013, Peter Vranes went on to co-found Nutromics, makers of innovative wearable medtech. He explains why publicity isn’t a dirty word: Getting people speaking about your company generates interest and sparks conversations with potential investors.

Jared Bauer on Avoiding Obstacles

Jared Bauer is CEO of IONIQ Sciences, working on a device for early detection of lung cancer. He’s also the medtech startup whisperer, having guided multiple struggling startups out of the woods and down the road to success. He shares the two obstacles that can grind a startup to a halt — and why he’s always looking at least five years ahead.

As you probably know, I spend most of my professional time leading a team at FastWave Medical and advising other Big Sky Biomedical portfolio companies. These conversations have been eye-opening and helpful for me, and I hope for you too. I appreciate your support of Medsider, whether you’ve been with us since the start or are just now discovering all the wisdom our guests have to offer.

Enjoy reading these stories, and as always, let us know who you’d like to hear from in the next edition of Medsider Mentors.

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