Message to Medical Device Companies: Let Patients Help!

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Movano CEO John Mastrototaro talks about how medtech companies can build a successful consumer-facing brand while developing products that meet the needs of payers and providers.

How to Apply an Engineering Mindset to Your Medical Device Startup: Interview with Access Vascular CEO Jim Biggins

Access Vascular CEO Jim Biggins shares his strategies for developing a clinical research roadmap, creative commercialization models, and the reasons why clinician access is crucial for medtech entrepreneurs.

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Oculogica CEO Rosina Samadani on the importance of relationships in the regulatory and reimbursement processes, why first-time entrepreneurs shouldn’t be intimidated by complex procedures, and lessons learned from her experiences raising capital.

Conquering the Coverage and Reimbursement Landscape: Interview with Bruce Shook, President of Intact Vascular

In this interview, Bruce Shook discusses medical device insurance coverage and reimbursement, as well as advice for other healthcare entrepreneurs that need to raise money.

Why Curiosity and Persistence are Crucial Characteristics for Medtech Entrepreneurs: Interview with the Legendary Dr. John Simpson, Executive Chairman of Avinger

In this interview, the legendary Dr. John Simpson shares what drew him to the field of cardiology, his approach to building a medtech team, and why knowing your strengths and limitations is key to making a difference in the lives of others.

After Selling 2 Cardiovascular Companies for Over $1 Billion, Duke Rohlen is Now Hoping to do the Same with Spirox and Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics

In this interview with Duke Rohen, he discusses how he successfully led two early-stage medtech companies at the same time and the major lessons he learned raising money for 4 different medical device companies.

Having a Heart Attack? There’s an App for That! The Incredible Story of How Dr. David Albert Brought the ECG iPhone App to Market

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How to Maintain Velocity Without Sacrificing Quality: Interview with Qualio Founder and CEO Robert Fenton

Qualio CEO and founder Robert Fenton on the top 2022 life sciences quality trends, why QMS platforms can support both quality and velocity, and how the hippocratic oath influenced his desire to improve quality management options for companies creating life-saving products.

Can Social Healthcare Replace Clinical Trials? Interview with Ben Heywood, President of PatientsLikeMe

In this fascinating interview with Ben Heywood, learn how the medical community is responding to clinical data from social platforms like PatientsLikeMe.

Message to Medical Device Companies: Let Patients Help!

In this interview with e-patients Dave deBronkart, Hugo Campos, and Bennet Dunlap, they tell us why it's critical that medical device companies should let patients help them in their efforts to enhance the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Using Smartphone Apps to Power Clinical Research: Interview with Dr. Anthony Sterns, CEO of iRx Reminder

In this interview with Dr. Anthony Sterns, we learn how to use mobile applications for remote clinical trial management.