MicroConsult with Scott Nelson

Do you have a few challenges or problems, but don’t want to spend a fortune on advice? You simply want to ask your questions and get them answered. No need for long-term coaching. Get in and get out with no loose ends.

You have some focused questions on a couple specific issues and you’d like them answered…without breaking the bank.

Perfect. That’s what a MicroConsult is all about.

What is a MicroConsult?

MicroConsults are coaching sessions that will get your questions answered without requiring you to make a huge commitment of time and money.

Yes, you could buy an eBook and maybe learn a few things. But that’s it. Now what? How do you properly apply the tactics you’ve learned to your particular situation? That’s the big problem with purchasing educational products online. You spend a lot of money learning. But you miss the application part.

Believe me. I’ve spent way too much money “learning” certain strategies only to spend countless hours trying to apply the things I learned. That’s why I created the MicroConsult. To save you from the pain I experienced.

MicroConsults are not meant for long-term, strategic issues. So there’s no need to commit to long-term, strategic coaching. And because we’re not wracking our brains to hash out those “big issues”…I don’t have to charge “big money”. Are you with me?

What MicroConsults are Good For

MicroConsults are good for just about anything that can be answered in a 1-hour session. Also of note, it should probably be something I know how to answer. If your question is, “What’s the best shampoo to use for my poodle?”, my answer isn’t going to be very helpful. 🙂

Okay, so you probably want some examples. Here are just a few:

  • You have an interview coming up with a medical device company and would like some help with your resume, brag book, business plan, etc.
  • You’re website sucks but you don’t know where to start. Design, blog, landing pages, conversion, etc.  I can help.
  • Social media. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. The list goes on and on. Frustrated? Let me point you in the right direction.

Again, these are just a few examples. If you’re issue or problem is something we can discuss in one hour or less, we’re probably in business.

How Does This Work?

In the spirit of a MicroConsult, let’s not overcomplicate this. Here are the steps:

  • Send me a detailed email of you’re current situation and what you’d like help with. My email: scott [at] medsider.com
  • I’ll let you know whether it fits under the MicroConsult umbrella.
  • Once we’re on the same page, I’ll need you to pay in advance.
  • We’ll then agree on a date and time for the MicroConsult.
  • After the MicroConsult, you’re problems will be solved. 🙂

The MicroConsult FAQ

What is the cost?
It depends on what you’d like to accomplish.  Shoot me an email: scott [at] medsider.com and we’ll agree to a price in advance.

What if I don’t think the MicroConsult was worth it?
I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

How do I book a MicroConsult with you?
Send me an email with what you’d like help with. Once we’re on the same page, we’ll agree on a date/time for the MicroConsult. You’ll then pay in advance. And after the MicroConsult, all your problems will go away. 🙂

I’ve got a question not covered here. What’s the fastest way to get an answer?
Shoot me an email: scott [at] medsider.com

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