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The 5 Most Popular Medsider Interviews of All Time

Having a Heart Attack? There’s an App for That!
In this interview with Dr. David Albert, we learn about his incredible journey in bringing the AliveCor ECG iPhone app to market.

Emerging Trends in Medical Device Sales
In this interview with Dr. Richard Ruff, co-founder of Sales Horizons, we learn more about current medical device sales trends and what it takes to become a dominate medical device player in today’s economic environment.

The 6 Key Digital Marketing Options That All Medical Device Companies Need to Consider
In this interview with Asher Cameron, VP of Account Services for Infuse Medical, we learn how to differentiate between “marketing digital” and “digital marketing” in an effort to define a strategic digital marketing plan for your medical device company.

4 Ideas Your Medical Device Company is Missing from its Marketing Strategy
Medical device marketing consultant Joe Hage is on a mission: To help your company generate more leads. If you are in medical device marketing or sales, listen to what this industry leader is doing and copy him.

How to Translate your Medical Device Idea from Concept to Reality
In this interview with Michael Sinsheimer, we learn how Medtech Catalyst helps physicians, engineers, and academic medical centers translate their medical device concepts into reality.

Learn More About Medical Device Startups

How to Fund Medtech Startups in a Capital-Efficient Manner
In this interview with Rich Ferrari, Managing Director of De Novo Ventures, we’ll learn more about the current state of medtech venture capital and the corresponding impact on medical device startups.

What it Takes to Get a Medtech VC to Say “Yes”
In this interview with Lisa Suennen, we learn how and why medical device companies will need to adjust and modify their business models in order to succeed in today’s healthcare environment.

The Crucial Drivers That Large Medical Device Companies Want to See in Medtech Startups
In this interview with Don Urbanowicz, Principal at Urbanowicz Consulting, we will discover what medical device buyers are looking for in early stage medtech startups.

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Learn More About Medical Device Reimbursement and Regulatory Affairs

The Art of Medical Device Reimbursement
What does it matter if a device is FDA approved, but not reimbursable. Could reimbursement possibly be more important than the regulatory environment within the medical device space? Randel Richner, Founder of Neocure Group, is here to help us better understand the reimbursement game.

Can Social Healthcare Replace Clinical Trials?
In this interview with Ben Heywood, we learn how is creating a new medium for clinical trials by crowdsourcing healthcare data from their community of patients.

Will the Medical Device Tax Force You to the Unemployment Line?
In this interview with Steve Ferguson, Chairman of the Cook Group, we learn all about the 2.3% medical device tax and its potential implications.

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Learn More About Medical Device Sales and Marketing

How Medical Device Companies Can Use Web 2.0 Strategies to Reach the NEW Customer
In this interview with Rony Sellam, Group President at IC Science, we learn how web 2.0 strategies are impacting the sales and marketing departments within both large and small medical device companies.

Is your Day-to-Day Mindset Killing You?
What would you do if you only had 12 months to replace a medical device product that represented 1/3 of your revenue? Marshall Perez, Partner and CMO at Chief Outsiders, tells us how he did it and what he learned.

How to Increase Patient Referrals and Bring Value to Your Physician Customers
Helping physicians market and grow their practices is one of the very few ways industry reps can truly bring value to their physician customers. Mary Pat Whaley is here to help us understand how to partner with specialist physicians in order to increase patient referrals.

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