Doctors Send $1.6M Per Year to Hospitals Despite the Value-Based Push

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Doctors send $1.6M per year to hospitals.

In this issue, learn how doctors are still an economic asset for most hospitals. Also, check out the piece written by Dr. Gary Guthard, the CEO of Intuitive Surgical.  You also might find MD&DI’s article about value analysis teams to be worth a read.  I’ve included a few other pieces that might deserve your attention as well.  Enjoy…

Doctors send $1.6M a year to hospitals despite the value-based push.

Physicians are generating more revenue for hospitals even as insurers and the government shift more dollars away from fee-for-service medicine toward value-based care.

Intuitive Surgical CEO: how to get it right in surgical robotics.

Here’s some advice for all the newcomers vying for a place in the sun in the field of robotic-assisted surgery, written by the CEO himself.

3 tips to vastly improve your FDA communication strategy.

Repeat after me: The FDA is not an obstacle or hurdle that I need to get around or over in order to get my product in the marketplace.  That is the message that Michael Drues, president at Vascular Sciences, wants to convey to the medtech world.

How to win over the hospital value analysis committee.

Two experts weigh in on what it really takes to get your medical device in the hands of providers.

Hey doc, what’s your P&L?

An executive at a high-volume hospital explains why at his institution, each physician is aware of profit and loss measures.

Hospitals value improving performance over cost cutting.

Current priorities of hospital executives show that cutting costs of medical devices ranks third compared with desire to improve performance and drive operational efficiency.

From a back-of-the-napkin idea to an eventual $240M exit – the amazing story of Sapheon.

In this interview with Don Crawford, former CEO of Sapheon, we learn how they went from an idea on the back of a napkin to a $240 million exit through unconventional financing, disciplined compliance, and much more.

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