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Why Focusing on Pain Killers is Imperative for Medical Device Startups

In this interview with Daniel Hawkins, CEO of Shockwave Medical, we get into:

  • Daniel’s personal background and how growing up in a medical entrepreneurial household was fundamental in influencing his own professional career.
  • Daniel’s fundamental belief that “great products are purchased and not sold” and how he used this idea to influence everything from product design to marketing.
  • The decision-making process Daniel used when his investors advised against going into the peripheral vascular space while his core team believed it was the right idea.

How to Manage and Sell Multiple Medtech Companies at the Same Time

In this interview with Duke Rohlen, CEO of Ajax Health, we discuss:

  • The story behind “Duckhorn” and how Covidien used a Napa Valley vineyard as the code name for their acquisition deal with Duke.
  • Duke and his team’s mixed emotions after successfully selling CV Ingenuity in 2013 for roughly $300 million, after raising $30 million in venture capital.
  • How Duke built a successful company culture and how the balance between transparency and bureaucracy shifts as organizations grow in size.

How to Gracefully Exit Your Medtech Company

In this interview with Erica Rogers, CEO of Silk Road Medical, we chat about:

  • The bittersweet moment when Abbott purchased Visiogen in 2009, the company Erica initially co-founded.
  • Why Erica believes that keeping the end in mind is something every medtech entrepreneur needs to do, no matter what!
  • Why Silk Road went public and what led to their overwhelming success.

Successfully Managing Through the Headwinds in Medtech

In this interview with Lisa Earnhardt, CEO of Intersect ENT, we learn about:

  • How to effectively navigate the device plus drug regulatory pathway.
  • Why Intersect ENT considered launching their medical device with an indirect sales force.
  • Why large, multi-national strategics are critical providers of capital for start-up medtech companies.

How Dr. David Albert Brought the First ECG iPhone App to Market

In this interview with Dr. David Albert, founder of AliveCor, we chat about:

  • David’s advice for other ambitious medtech entrepreneurs.
  • The amazing story of how AliveCor’s iPhone ECG app helped save a man’s life while on an airplane.
  • Five key lessons you can learn from Dr. Albert’s experiences bringing his app to market.

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Learn More About Medical Device Startups

How Prioritizing Product Development is Crucial to Your Medtech Success

In this interview with serial medical device entrepreneur, Paul Buckman, we get into:

  • How Paul and his team at Scimed ruthlessly prioritized product development and how that led to big wins for the company.
  • Paul’s unique approach to raising capital in difficult times.
  • How Paul has turned around medtech startups that have hit a wall and what tips he has for people in similar situations.

Why Curiosity and Persistence are Crucial Characteristics for Medical Device Entrepreneurs

In this interview with legendary medtech entrepreneur, Dr. John Simpson, we discuss:

  • How Dr. Simpson’s interest in vascular disease led him into the field of cardiology.
  • When Dr. Simpson realized his strength was in the clinical arena and how he learned to surround himself with business people, leading to multiple successful medtech companies.
  • Dr. Simpson’s chance encounter with golf superstar Jack Nicklaus and how it led to him being fired from his job as a bank teller.

Essential Tips from a First-Time Medtech CEO

In this interview with Dan Rose, CEO of LimbFlow, we get into:

  • Why independent market research and ongoing R&D are critical success factors for a medtech startup.
  • Why collaborating with Med Start was crucial to LimFlow’s early success.
  • How LimFlow took an old concept and transformed it into a viable lifesaving technology.

What it Takes to Make a Truly Disruptive Medical Device

In this interview with Ted Lamson, co-founder of NeoTract, we chat about:

  • How Ted identified a healthcare problem and then invented a disruptive medical device, UroLift, to solve for it.
  • Ted’s experience with raising funds multiple times for the same project and why it's critical to choose investors you have the most confidence.
  • How Ted identified an opportunity in the European market with UroLift and pursued positive guidance from NICE, going against the recommendation of every consultant he asked.

How to Know if Your Medtech Idea Has Legs

In this interview with Don Crawford, CEO fo Analytics 4 Life, we get into:

  • How Don first encountered Sapheon as an idea on the back of a napkin and eventually went on to become the company’s president before completing a successful $240 million exit.
  • What it was like finding investors in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis and how Don relied on angels instead.
  • Don and his team’s documentation and quality management strategy during the R&D process and how that diligence paid off, leading to a PMA in an extremely fast fashion.

Uncover Insights from Medical Device Venture Capitalists

How to Fund Medtech Startups in a Capital-Efficient Manner

In this interview with Rich Ferrari, Managing Director of De Novo Ventures, we discuss the following:

  • Novel ways to fund early stage medical device companies.
  • How Rich identifies and validates ideas that are truly disruptive?
  • Product vs. founding team: which is most important?

Why Early Stage Medical Device Deals Aren’t as Bad as You May Think

In this interview with Mike Carusi, General Partner at Lightstone Ventures, we get into:

  • Why early stage medical device companies should look at biotech and pharma in order to discover creative ways to fund companies.
  • How does a medtech engineer, physician, or entrepreneur get the attention of Mike and his VC colleagues?
  • Best practices for de-risking a potential acquisition.

What it Takes to Get a Medtech VC to Say “Yes”

In this interview with Lisa Suennen, head of Mannat’s venture capital fund, we learn about the following:

  • Key action items for early stage medtech companies, including economic vs clinical considerations, true innovation vs incremental advances, and an early focus on reimbursement.
  • What’s more important in the eyes of medtech VCs: quality improvements vs cost reductions vs. reimbursement?
  • Corporate venture capital arms: friend or foe? Also, what does Lisa think about crowdfunding for medical device companies?

Is Medtech Venture Capital Dead?

In this interview with Kevin Bitterman, Partner at Atlas Venture, we discuss the following:

  • Where do large medical device companies see the greatest opportunity for growth?
  • What questions should medtech startups have already answered before approaching a potential buyer?
  • Besides venture capital, where else should medical device startups look for money?

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Gain Clarity on Medical Device Reimbursement and Regulatory Affairs

The Art of Medical Device Reimbursement

In this interview with Randel Richner, Founder of Neocure Group, we learn about the following:

  • Randel’s unique “orchestra score” philosophy and how it aids in streamlining reimbursement strategies.
  • The importance of defining the difference between how hospitals get paid and how physicians get paid.
  • What Randel means by the statement “comparative effectiveness is a code word for cost effectiveness”.

The Biggest Mistakes Medical Device Companies Make When Commercializing in Europe

In this interview with Michael Branagan-Harris, CEO of Device Access UK, we get into the following:

  • The biggest mistakes medtech companies make when commercializing in Europe.
  • The ideal process medical device companies should follow when launching their devices in the UK, including Mike’s PICO framework and Connect4 methodology.
  • How to build a value story with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

In this interview with Mark Duval, President of Duval & Associates, we learn about the following:

  • The 3 key takeaways from the recent criminal case against Vascular Solutions and why everyone in medtech should pay attention.
  • The government’s recognition that off-label promotion is legal as long as it’s “wholly truthful and not misleading”.
  • Mark’s advice for medtech leaders in light of the government’s losses in so many First Amendment cases.

How to Enhance Your Medical Device Approval Process

In this interview with regulatory expert, Sheila Heyer, we discuss the following:

  • The 3 most important steps you can take right now to get your medical device approved faster.
  • Quality submissions and solid relationships: the importance of honing these 2 concepts in order to enhance your medical device regulatory approval process.
  • What characteristics do great medical device regulatory professionals all have in common?

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