Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of talking to some of the brightest minds in the health technology and medical device arenas. Many of you have joined in by listening to those conversations on our Medsider podcast.

To add even more value, we’ve distilled the key insights from these founders and CEOs into this volume of Medsider Mentors. Feel free to use these learnings as a reference guide to the podcasts you’ve already enjoyed. Or, if you’re a premium member, you can use them as a sampler to decide which episodes you’re most excited to download and re-listen to.

For those who have read and enjoyed our first two volumes of Medsider Mentors, this edition offers fresh perspectives and expands on some of the ideas we started exploring there. If you missed it, consider going back to get the most out of both volumes.

In this collection, you'll find insights from entrepreneurial trailblazers on embracing risk, navigating regulatory complexities, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. We talk about the importance of pursuing the right market, overcoming personal and professional challenges, and building strong teams to thrive in a competitive space. 

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Jim Pursley on Pursuing the Right Market

Welcoming risk and pursuing opportunities beyond your job description can lead to some pretty remarkable things. As the founder of Medsider, I can attest to this through my own journey from corporate life to building a startup that generated $20 million in revenue within just a few years. I open the volume discussing the essential values for medical device founders drawing from my experiences and the importance of weighing a corporate career versus entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Mark Zemel on Making Lasting Impressions

Marc Zemel, CEO of Retia Medical, discusses the critical nature of first impressions in the medtech space and the intricacies of navigating third-party diligence processes. With extensive experience in both successful startups and Fortune 500 companies, Marc shares insights on how to get the right stakeholders on board early on and how to protect your company with safety mechanisms during business negotiations.

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Torrey Smith on Innovative Networking Strategies

Discover how Torrey Smith's innovative networking strategies linked him with venture capitalists and influential physicians. Learn about his company's ambitious journey toward FDA clearance for the PillBot and how social media, creative experimentation, and compelling storytelling can empower a medtech startup to overcome challenges and establish strong industry relationships.

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Derek Herrera on Aligning Collaboration and Decision-Making

Derek Herrera faced a number of medical challenges after sustaining war-related injuries in Afghanistan, which led him to recognize the potential for innovation in several areas, including the urological space. As the founder of Bright Uro, his company is revolutionizing bladder diagnostics with a more comfortable, efficient, and accurate device. Learn how alignment, collaboration, and decision-making contribute to a successful medtech startup in this compelling interview.

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Osman Khawar on Early-Stage Technical Risk Reduction

Nephrologist and entrepreneur Osman Khawar, CEO of Diality, emphasizes the need for early-stage technical risk reduction in medical device startups. Dr. Khawar highlights the significance of collaborative relationships, assembling the right regulatory team, and building a mission-driven culture. Learn from the experiences of a physician turned entrepreneur passionate about transforming dialysis care.

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Ohad Arazi on Understanding User Needs

Ohad Arazi, CEO of Clarius, has an extensive background in the technology industry that led him to his role in developing high-definition wireless ultrasound systems. Ohad discusses how to create products that meet the needs of the target market, understanding regulatory and reimbursement pathways, and the importance of having a strong channel strategy.

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Sam Mazin on Maximizing Value Creation in Your Startup

Sam Mazin, a physicist turned entrepreneur, shares the secrets behind his successful medtech startup journey. Focusing on risk retirement, strategic clinical trial designs, and persuasive investor pitching, Mazin explains how to maximize value generation and capital efficiency in the medical device space.

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Lloyd Mencinger on the Importance of Resilience and Persistence

Lloyd Mencinger, CEO of Aqua Medical, has firsthand experience adapting to the ever-changing medtech landscape. Delve into key strategies for resilience, including capital management, swift product iterations, and the power of perseverance to overcome obstacles and build a thriving medical device company.

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Steve Dimmer on Balancing Focus and Flexibility

Steve Dimmer, a seasoned veteran in the medical device industry with over 30 years of experience, including a variety of medtech startups, took on the CEO role at CurvaFix to revolutionize pelvic fracture treatments. Discover how he identified a large market opportunity, secured the right investors, and developed a tailored regulatory strategy that led to quick market clearance.

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Carol Burns on What it Takes to Win as a Medtech Startup

From critical care nurse to medtech powerhouse, Carol Burns has a stellar track record as a serial entrepreneur. As the CEO of Cagent Vascular, she’s leading the company’s efforts in bringing the innovative Serenator angioplasty balloon to market. Carol shares vital insights into navigating the challenging startup landscape, highlighting the significance of assembling a strong team, establishing a solid foundation for product development, and honing fundraising strategies.

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It’s no surprise that I eagerly anticipate every single one of these discussions, as I can learn from and apply practical gems of wisdom when leading my team at FastWave Medical. Therefore, I hope this volume proves to be as beneficial for you as it has been for me.

Thank you for being a dedicated reader, and as always, feel free to share your suggestions on who you'd like to see featured in the next edition of Medsider Mentors.

Best Wishes,

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