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How Failure and Flexibility Can Spell Success in Medtech: Interview With Kyle Frye, U.S. President of SytheticMR

After a brief hiatus from recording podcasts, it was a privilege to dust off the microphone and interview Kyle Frye. As U.S. president of SyntheticMR, Kyle is tasked with growing and expanding the brand and business in the U.S. for the Swedish-based company that is creating the future of quantitative MRI technology. Their innovative MRI...

Essential Tips for First-Time Medtech CEOs: Interview with Dan Rose, CEO of LimFlow

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dan Rose, CEO of the French-based medtech company LimFlow. Founded in 2012, LimFlow transformed the peripheral vasculature space by providing a lifesaving option for end-stage critical limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) patients facing amputation. LimFlow is designed to restore blood flow to the...

How to Move Forward After a Thumbs Down from FDA: Interview with Kevin Sidow, Former CEO and President of Moximed

In late 2016, I was able to sit down with Kevin Sidow. At the time, he was President & Chief Executive Officer for Moximed, and had been since 2008. Prior to his time at Moximed, Kevin was President & CEO for St. Francis Medical Technologies, a privately held, venture-funded company focused on developing innovative treatments...

Ruthless Prioritization and How it Can Help Every Medtech Startup: Interview with Paul Buckman, Former CEO of Conventus, SentreHEART, and Pathway Medical Technologies

A few years ago, I had the privilege of sitting down and talking with serial medtech entrepreneur Paul Buckman, who at the time, was CEO of Conventus Orthopedics.  Prior to Conventus, Paul held CEO roles at SentreHEART, Pathway Medical Technologies (which sold to Bayer HealthCare), and Devax (which sold to Biosensors International)....

Why Keeping The End in Mind is Critical for Every Medtech Entrepreneur: Interview with Erica Rogers, CEO of Silk Road Medical

In this two-part interview, I was lucky enough to sit down with Erica Rogers, CEO of Silk Road Medical. We first spoke a few years ago and then again much more recently to catch up on what had changed at Silk Road since our first conversation. During our catch up, we discussed how Erica led […]

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