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Medsider Mentors

Volume III

Jim Pursley on Pursuing the Right Market
Mark Zemel on Making Lasting Impressions
Torrey Smith on Innovative Networking Strategies
Derek Herrera on Aligning Collaboration and Decision-Making
Osman Khawar on Early-Stage Technical Risk Reduction
Ohad Arazi on Understanding User Needs
Sam Mazin on Maximizing Value Creation in Your Startup
Lloyd Mencinger on the Importance of Resilience and Persistence
Steve Dimmer on Balancing Focus and Flexibility
Carol Burns on What it Takes to Win as a Medtech Startup
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Medsider Mentors

Volume II

Marcus Gerhardt on Building Community
Kevin Goodwin on Private Sector Financing
Robert Kline on Building for the Long Term
Holly Rockweiler on Pushing Through
John Murphy on Navigating Regulatory Hurdles
Rosina Samadani on Getting to Market Quickly
Caroline Loew on Engaging with FDA
Jim Biggins on Collecting VOC
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Medsider Mentors

Volume I

Garheng Kong on Pitching Your Medtech Startup
Nic Anderson on Getting in with Insurers
Bart Bandy on Building the Right Hype
Patricia Zilliox on What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials
Steve Anderson on Attracting Startup Advisors
Peter Vranes on Winning Publicity
Jared Bauer on Avoiding Obstacles
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