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An Unorthodox Path to Medical Device Success

Interview with Cresilon CEO Joe Landolina

Joe Landolina, CEO of Cresilon, reveals the development process behind Vetigel, a groundbreaking product that stops severe bleeding with remarkable speed. Joe expounds on the unorthodox paths he took to build the company and the importance of a well-rounded team that’s able to balance creative and conservative strategies.

Tried-and-True Recipes for Success

Interview with IRRAS CEO Will Martin

Will Martin, CEO of IRRAS, delves into how his team’s holistic approach to innovation has revolutionized his company’s intracranial bleeding treatment. He also shares his insights on understanding user needs and cultivating strong internal relationships while maintaining robust quality management systems.

Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement

Interview with Biotricity CEO Waqaas Al-Siddiq

Waqaas Al-Siddiq, CEO of Biotricity, discusses the crucial role that passion and work ethic play in driving healthtech success. He shares valuable insights into understanding the needs of your target market for effective product development, as well as fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement within your organization.

Bridging the Gaps as a Startup Medtech CEO

Interview with Cagent Vascular CEO Carol Burns

In this episode, Carol delves into the importance of establishing the right team to lay the proper foundation for your medtech startup. We further discuss how to prioritize essential product features and their clinical applications for future growth, as well as overcoming fundraising challenges through effective networking. She also highlights the importance of listening to study investigators and designing strategic clinical trials to generate valuable data and drive success.

How to Listen to What the Market is Saying

Interview with CurvaFix CEO Steve Dimmer

Steve Dimmer, CEO of CurvaFix, shares his insights on the importance of mitigating risk and pitching to investors early in the development process. He also provides valuable advice on designing clinical trials that meet specific goals based on his own experiences at CurvaFix.

How to Be Resilient as a Startup Medtech CEO

Interview with Aqua Medical CEO Lloyd Mencinger

Lloyd Mencinger, CEO of Aqua Medical, highlights the critical role of capital efficiency and rapid iteration in the early-stage development of medtech startups. He also discusses the importance of driving value for the company versus solely focusing on an acquisition. Lloyd emphasizes the challenges of capital fundraising and that perseverance is key to prevailing in the face of adversity.


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The Power of Storytelling in a Medical Device Startup

Interview with Endiatx CEO Torrey Smith

Torrey Smith, CEO of Endiatx, breaks down the unique online networking strategies that helped him connect with venture capitalist investors and influential physicians, plus his company's plans to achieve FDA clearance for the PillBot through a fast-tracked regulatory process.

First Impressions are Crucial in Medtech

Interview with Retia Medical CEO Marc Zemel

Retia Medical CEO Marc Zemel talks about his experience bringing game-changing software to the medtech industry, why first impressions are critical, and how to ensure you have built-in safety mechanisms during third-party diligence processes.

Creative Ways to Market Your Technology While Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

Interview with X-trodes CEO Ziv Peremen

X-trodes CEO Ziv Peremen discusses the company’s Smart Skin technology and reveals that by making it commercially accessible in a creative way, he’s gained invaluable data, discovered new commercial uses for the product, and established key relationships as they await regulatory approval.

Marrying Clinical Outcomes with Cost Savings

Interview with Hinge Health President Jim Pursley

Hinge Health President, and former Chief Commercial Officer for Livongo Health, Jim Pursley discusses finding the right market, being your own biggest critic, and marrying clinical improvements with cost savings.

Lessons Learned Bootstrapping a Startup from $0 to $20 Million

Interview with Medsider Founder Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson, founder of Medsider and numerous medtech startups, tells how each of his career transitions brought invaluable lessons, the risk and reward of leaving corporate life, the essential values for any medical device founder, and how to find opportunities that are rooted in your experiences.

Building a Consumer-Focused Medtech Business

Interview with Tivic Health Co-founder and CEO Jennifer Ernst

Tivic Health Co-founder and CEO Jennifer Ernst talks about why direct-to-consumer business models will be the next big focus in medtech, and how patients can play a key role in boosting support and evidence for over-the-counter medical devices.

How to Pull the Right Regulatory Levers

Interview with Linear Health Sciences Founder and President Daniel Clark

Linear Health Sciences Founder and President Dan Clark explains how his company raised capital, tips for navigating complex regulatory pathways, and why you need to be your own worst enemy as a medtech entrepreneur.

How Flexibility and Curiosity Can Influence a Successful Medtech Startup

Interview with EvoEndo CEO Heather Underwood

EvoEndo CEO Heather Underwood shares how her unique background influences her approach to every aspect of a medtech startup from fundraising to 510(k) clearance to commercial adoption.