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Silicon Valley Approach to Medtech

Interview with Oncoustics CEO Beth Rogozinski

Leveraging her extensive experience in digital medicine, Beth Rogozinski leads Oncoustics, a company that uses advanced AI to analyze ultrasound data to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional diagnostic methods. In this interview, Beth shares her insights on the importance of persistence and resilience in fundraising, the value of engaging with a diverse range of investors, and the need for a strong narrative about your technology, particularly when it involves AI capabilities.


Proof Before Funding

Interview with VenoStent CEO and COO, Tim Boire and Geoffrey Lucks

VenoStent is developing SelfWrap, a bioabsorbable wrap to improve the success rate of vascular surgeries, starting with dialysis access creation for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. In this Interview, co-founders Geoffrey Lucks and Timothy Boire share the challenges and triumphs of their journey toward bringing this innovative product to market. We talk about understanding your end user, working collaboratively with FDA, structuring and executing large clinical trials, and staying resourceful to attract funding while developing your concept.


A Roadmap for Proving Clinical Efficacy and Economic Value

Interview with Mainstay Medical CEO Jason Hannon

Mainstay Medical has developed the first restorative neurostimulation treatment that alleviates chronic mechanical back pain. In this interview, Jason Hannon, the CEO and President of the company, shares his experiences on iterative product development, considerations for clinical trial design, the importance of patient education, and why reimbursement is paramount.


Overcoming Skepticism When Commercializing Novel Therapies

Interview with Taopatch USA CEO Dmitri Leonov

Dmitri Leonov’s latest venture Taopatch USA is commercializing a range of wearable nanotechnology light therapy devices aimed at managing neurological conditions including pain management and sports performance. These days, you can see this low-level laser therapy patch on the wrists of celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and world-renowned tennis player Novak Djokovic. Dmitri shares how the company was able to garner unique publicity and how strategic partnerships with holistic practitioners, authentic user testimonials, and a creative money-back guarantee strategy were instrumental in Taopatch's market success.


How to Compete with Industry Goliaths

Interview with Butterfly CEO Joe DeVivo

Joe DeVivo, President and CEO of Butterfly Network, is a medtech veteran with extensive leadership experience at both startups and industry giants. Butterfly is developing hand-held ultrasound devices that make medical imaging easier, cheaper, and more widely accessible. In this interview, Joe shares insights on why a lean start in commercialization is better than a high-burn, high-risk approach, the difference between your company being sold and being purchased, and best practices for managing M&A transactions.


How to Outpace Your Competition

Interview with Contraline CEO Kevin Eisenfrats

At Contraline, Kevin Eisenfrats and his team are working on a novel long-lasting, reversible male contraceptive. In this interview, Kevin offers insights on how to move swiftly through clinical trials, community-building in medtech, creative fundraising efforts, and the importance of executing thorough scientific and market research.


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Two Important Customers — FDA and CMS

Interview with Procyrion CEO Dr. Eric Fain

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Eric Fain intended to take year before his internship to work at a startup company. But then, he discovered his passion for medtech. Eric has since held key roles throughout the industry, spanning clinical, regulatory, R&D, sales, and marketing for both startups and major players like St. Jude Medical and Abbott. Today, as CEO and President of Procyrion, he's leading the development of an advanced percutaneous mechanical circulatory support device. In this interview, Eric shares his expertise in managing startup finances, attracting investors through strategic planning, drawing up clear clinical roadmaps, and engaging with payers to catalyze commercialization.


Balancing the Clinical-Commercial Tightrope

Interview with Mercator MedSystems CEO Trent Reutiman

Trent Reutiman has 25 years of leadership experience in medtech with a particular focus on minimally invasive interventional therapies. As the CEO of Mercator, Trent and his team have developed microinfusion devices with the unique ability to locally and directly deliver targeted therapeutics during catheter-based interventions where mechanical therapy isn’t sufficient. In this interview, Trent talks about the importance of generating data, how to balance commercial efforts with clinical initiatives, and why meticulous management is critical for successful commercialization.


Don’t Build A Unicorn, Build A Useful Zebra

Interview with DeepLook CEO Marissa Fayer

Marissa Fayer, with over two decades of experience in the medtech sector, is the CEO of DeepLook Medical, developers of AI-powered diagnostic tools that help radiologists detect cancerous lesions in dense tissue. In this interview, Marissa talks about the basics of product development, how to build iteratively, tips on identifying ideal regulatory pathways, and how she picks her advisors and board members.


Managing to a Successful Acquisition

Interview with LimFlow CEO Dan Rose

Dan Rose’s career in medtech features pivotal roles at Direct Flow, Sequana Medical, and Medtronic, culminating in his position as CEO of LimFlow, which recently exited to Inari Medical. In this interview, Dan shares his extensive wisdom on M&A transactions, engaging with investors while maintaining business autonomy, the importance of developing with the ‘average user’ in mind, and the significance of early dialogue with regulatory bodies.


How to Run Your Medtech Startup on a Budget

Interview with Syntr Health CEO Ahmed Zobi

Ahmed Zobi, founder and CEO of Syntr Health Technologies, and his team have developed an automated microfat processing system for use in aesthetics and plastic surgery. The FDA-cleared SyntrFuge device allows clinicians to harvest patients’ adipose tissue and then reinject it as processed microfat within minutes into the desired area, eliminating the use of fillers. SynterFuge has the potential to be applied in other fields like wound care, orthopedics, podiatry, dermatology, and many more. In this interview, Ahmed shares his ideas on the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship, how to operate in a lean fashion, why he puts regulatory clearance above all, and how he managed to be the youngest candidate to ever receive a phase 1 SBIR grant.


Finding Your Place in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Interview with Vivante Health CEO Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder, CEO of Vivante Health, and his team are commercializing an all-in-one digital platform for digestive health conditions. GIThrive is a platform that combines data-driven technology with a team of physicians, registered dietitians, and health coaches to deliver personalized care. In this interview, Bill talks about the importance of finding where your company stands in the overall healthcare ecosystem, why clinical outcomes and sorting out reimbursement are critical to survival, and his experiences raising capital for Vivante.


Crowdfunding and IPOs for Medtech Startups

Interview with Monogram Orthopedics CEO Benjamin Sexson

Benjamin Sexson is the President and CEO of Monogram Orthopedics. He is a mechanical engineer from Caltech and a CFA charterholder. At Monogram, Ben and his team are developing a fully autonomous robotic system for knee replacement surgery. In this interview, Ben talks about the importance of a good team and a liberating company culture as well as the importance of believing in what you’re doing and openly reassessing its validity regularly. He also elaborates on Monogram’s daring strategies for validating its technology and walks us through the pros and cons of crowdfunding and going public.


How to Innovate in Medtech with Limited Means

Interview with Field Medical CEO Dr. Steven Mickelsen

Dr. Steven Mickelsen is a practicing electrophysiologist who’s leveraging his clinical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to revolutionize cardiac care. He made significant strides ushering in pulse field ablation (PFA) technology into the field through one of his previous companies Farapulse, which sold to Boston Scientific. Today, as CEO of Field Medical, he continues to contribute to the space by developing the next generation of PFA for ventricular arrhythmia management. In this episode, he shares his hard-earned wisdom on how limited means can breed resourcefulness, how to build a modest yet effective prototype, why having real expertise in clinical and regulatory spheres is a necessity, and how to raise funds with a win-win mindset.