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Lessons Learned Bootstrapping a Startup from $0 to $20 Million

Interview with Medsider Founder Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson, founder of Medsider and numerous medtech startups, tells how each of his career transitions brought invaluable lessons, the risk and reward of leaving corporate life, the essential values for any medical device founder, and how to find opportunities that are rooted in your experiences.

Building a Consumer-Focused Medtech Business

Interview with Tivic Health Co-founder and CEO Jennifer Ernst

Tivic Health Co-founder and CEO Jennifer Ernst talks about why direct-to-consumer business models will be the next big focus in medtech, and how patients can play a key role in boosting support and evidence for over-the-counter medical devices.

How to Pull the Right Regulatory Levers

Interview with Linear Health Sciences Founder and President Daniel Clark

Linear Health Sciences Founder and President Dan Clark explains how his company raised capital, tips for navigating complex regulatory pathways, and why you need to be your own worst enemy as a medtech entrepreneur.

How Flexibility and Curiosity Can Influence a Successful Medtech Startup

Interview with EvoEndo CEO Heather Underwood

EvoEndo CEO Heather Underwood shares how her unique background influences her approach to every aspect of a medtech startup from fundraising to 510(k) clearance to commercial adoption.

Lessons in Leadership — Building a Successful Team and Checking Your Ego at the Door

Interview with Check-Cap Founder and CTO Yoav Kimchy

Check-Cap Founder and CTO Yoav Kimchy shares how early feedback from regulators can help streamline your development efforts, why you should shift your team as the company grows, and the importance of knowing when to lead and when to follow.

How to Find Product-Market Fit by Going Deep Versus Wide

Interview with New View Surgical CEO Bryce Klontz

New View Surgical CEO Bryce Klontz shares insights from his decades of experience in the surgical devices space, from building relationships of trust with regulators and investors to working closely with practitioners to perfect product-market fit.


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How to Build a Strong Network of Investors and Partners for Your Medtech Startup

Interview with DermaSensor CEO Cody Simmons

DermaSensor CEO Cody Simmons shares why he thinks companies need to focus on regulatory and reimbursement alignment from the very beginning, the importance of finding ally investors, and how to build trust with potential partners in your network.

Why Your Product Should Generate Revenue Versus Reduce Costs

Interview with Cognetivity CEO Sina Habibi

Cognetivity Neurosciences Co-founder and CEO Sina Habibi discusses the importance of collaborating with regulators and end users, why he primarily focuses on the value of revenue generation versus cost savings, and the benefits of teaming up with an expert fundraiser.

Demonstrating Value with Robust Clinical Trial Data

Interview with Miracor Medical CEO Olivier Delporte

Miracor Medical CEO Olivier Delporte explains why he advocates for randomized clinical trials, how remote monitoring tools can make clinical trial programs more efficient, and why startups should increase their fundraising goals.

How to Convince Investors, Payers, and Patients Your Device is Worth the Cost

Interview with Bone Health Technologies CEO Laura Yecies

Bone Health Technologies CEO Laura Yecies shares why you should look for investors who are passionate about your mission, how FDA clearance can boost consumer confidence in your technology, and why patients should be at the center of everything you do.

The Importance of Going All In On Your Medtech Business

Interview with SynerFuse Co-Founders Justin Zenanko and Greg Molnar

SynerFuse Co-Founders Justin Zenanko and Greg Molnar share their experience launching an innovative therapy to address chronic back pain, how they are navigating challenging regulatory waters, and why they chose to invest heavily in their own venture.

Why You Should Weigh the Global and Economic Impact of Your Technology

Interview with Argá Medtech's CEO David Neale

David Neale, CEO and co-founder of Argá Medtech, explains how being a multinational company increased their chances of success, and why startups should incorporate economic outcomes into their clinical studies.

How To Make Health Technology Fun and Accessible

Interview with Osso VR Co-Founder and CEO Justin Barad

Osso VR CEO Justin Barad shares how he avoids being pulled in multiple directions with his technology, why it’s important to let potential customers get hands-on with your platform, and why tech can and should be fun — even in healthcare.

How Medtech Companies Should Approach the Consumer Health Market

Interview with Movano CEO John Mastrototaro

Movano CEO John Mastrototaro talks about how medtech companies can build a successful consumer-facing brand while developing products that meet the needs of payers and providers.