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Connecting the Dots Between Medtech and AI

Interview with Sonio CEO Cecile Brosset

In this interview, we talk to Cecile Brosset Dubois about her transition from renowned consulting firms like Bain & Company to leading her own medtech startup, Sonio, which focuses on enhancing obstetric ultrasound with AI. We touch on her strategic approach to product development, the importance of an in-house regulatory team, her drive for meaningful work, and effective tactics for fundraising.


Rising to the PMA Challenge as a First-Time Founder

Interview with Corveus CEO Tyler Melton

In this interview, Tyler Melton, co-founder and CEO of Corveus Medical, outlines his approach to strategic innovation in medtech. Tyler shares how using off-the-shelf products for early prototypes saved him both time and money and how accelerator programs provided the networking boost his startup needed to tackle the demanding PMA regulatory pathway.


A Self-Starter’s Guide to Medtech

Interview with Liberate Medical CEO Angus McLachlan

Co-founded by the ingenious Angus McLachlan, Liberate Medical is developing a breakthrough device that synchronizes with a patient's breathing pattern, significantly reducing atrophy of the respiratory muscles for those on mechanical ventilation. In this interview, we talk about Angus’s do-it-yourself philosophy, how a deep understanding of the technology you’re developing gives you leverage across multiple functions, and the nuances of pitching to investors.


Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Medtech

Interview with Fisher Wallace CEO Kelly Roman

Kelly Roman, co-founder and CEO of Fisher Wallace, shares his career leap from literature and marketing to pioneering a novel approach to the treatment of mental health. Kelly and his team at Fisher Wallace are combining deep-rooted strategic insights with advanced technological innovation to revolutionize mental health with a wearable brain stimulation device. In this interview, we delve into what Kelly's learned on his journey, touching on the value of unconventional thinking, the importance of making mental health treatments more accessible and less stigmatized, and the potential of decentralized clinical trials.


Childlike Curiosity and the Scientific Approach to Medtech Startups

Interview with Levita Magnetics CEO Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro

Discover Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro’s journey — from his childhood fascination with using magnets to clean the inside of his turtle tank to leveraging this concept into a cutting-edge magnetic surgery platform. As a surgeon-turned-CEO, Alberto discusses what to consider when starting a new business, how to hone your framework when transitioning from the clinic, and early-stage strategies to ease the road to FDA approval.


A Roadmap to Serial Medtech Entrepreneurship

Interview with SinglePass CEO Bill Colone

In this interview, Bill Colone, the co-founder and CEO of SinglePass, shares invaluable insights and actionable strategies on building and leveraging an expansive network, optimizing fundraising, and strategically planning for both acquisition and independent growth.


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How Data is Transforming Medtech

Interview with Avenda Health CEO Shyam Natarajan

Shyam Natarajan, founder and CEO of Avenda Health, started as an academic with a knack for the business side of healthcare. He now leads the charge in revolutionizing prostate cancer care. In this interview, we talk about what it really takes to understand the market need for your product or service, how prototypes can be incredibly helpful in convincing relevant parties, how Shyam approaches fundraising, and what to expect from medtech in the future given current technological advancements in growing fields like AI.


Consumer-Facing Medtech

Interview with AliveCor Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Albert

Dr. David Albert is a man of many talents, blending medical expertise with entrepreneurial zeal. His company, AliveCor, is pioneering the standard for personal ECG devices that extend beyond just hardware, enveloping services and partnerships to offer comprehensive personal cardiovascular solutions. In a freewheeling conversation with Dr. Albert, we take a tour down the lanes of innovation, prototyping, fundraising, and why sometimes you have to ditch the white coat to take your ideas from the lab to the real world.


From Academia to Medtech Entrepreneur

Interview with SpineX CEO Parag Gad

Parag Gad understands both sides of the coin — the research-intensive academic world and the rigorous standards of healthcare regulation. With SpineX, he's marrying the two, aiming for a transformation in spinal healthcare. In this interview, Parag delves into the intricate journey of transitioning from academia to entrepreneurship, securing non-traditional funding, and the role of regulatory milestones in building a reputable healthcare brand.


Redefining Stroke Recovery

Interview with Kandu Health CEO Kirsten Carroll

Kirsten Carroll is redefining post-stroke care through her startup, Kandu Health, which offers a comprehensive set of services to improve the well-being of stroke survivors and, consequently, their care partners. From her unique perspective on innovation to her emphasis on a multi-stakeholder approach, Kirsten shares invaluable lessons on breaking down monumental challenges and fostering a culture of teamwork.


Doing Well by Doing Good

Interview with Proprio CEO Gabriel Jones

Gabriel Jones is a man whose journey covers diverse industries — from engineering in Japan to Wall Street mergers and acquisitions. The culmination of his hard work and versatility, however, came with his current venture, Proprio, a company redefining surgical precision through AI. Gabriel’s eclectic, impressive background has equipped him with a unique framework for creating a thriving startup ecosystem, successful capital fundraising, and using public relations to his favor.


Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship

Interview with NEXT Life Sciences’ Founder L.R. Fox

In this interview, we pull back the curtain on L.R. Fox, the visionary founder of NEXT Life Sciences. With an ambitious mission to democratize family planning, Fox and his team are on the brink of launching their flagship product, Plan A— a groundbreaking male contraceptive. Fox shares invaluable lessons on fostering collaboration in a competitive space, understanding key stakeholders, and the art of raising capital. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or simply curious about how innovation can drive societal change, this conversation offers key takeaways for all.


From Chaos to Order

The Journey of a Medtech CEO with Amplifi CEO Sean Morris

Sean Morris is a serial entrepreneur who began his career in medical device sales and rapidly ascended to running the Peripheral Vascular Division of AngioDynamics. Sean's career is a roadmap of determination, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of mechanical solutions to clinical problems. In this interview, Sean shares the story — from his first job selling medical devices for AngioDynamics to his current role as CEO of Amplifi, how his novel Vein Dilation System is poised to revolutionize dialysis patient care, and the many lessons he’s learned bringing innovative medtech products to market as a startup CEO.


Bringing the ENT Clinic to the Community

Interview with Tympa Health CEO Dr. Krishan Ramdoo

Dr. Krishan Ramdoo, founder and CEO of Tympa Health, talks about his journey toward becoming a technology innovator, starting as an ENT physician to eventually developing the world's first all-in-one ear and hearing health assessment system. He shares invaluable insights on the importance of proactive problem-solving, balancing external feedback with personal vision, and the power of tangible products in converting stakeholders to true believers in your solution.