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Advanced Playbooks for Medical Device and Health Technology Startups

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Proven Strategies for Early-Stage Risk Management in Medtech

Surviving as a startup in the competitive world of medtech requires strategic thinking, calculated decision-making, and, most importantly, effective risk management. Apart from innovation, success in this field hinges on your ability to minimize uncertainty and mitigate risks, particularly in the early stages where your company is the most vulnerable to unexpected challenges.


The Medtech Playbook for Achieving Product-Market Fit

In the high-stakes medtech arena, it can feel as if success and failure hinge on the roll of a dice. In reality, medical device entrepreneurship is far from a game of chance. Instead, it’s a strategy play where you need to plot a careful course through a sea of uncertainty. It can sound intimidating, but success is not unachievable, given that you’re targeting product-market fit from the outset.


Beyond Innovation: Navigating Medtech Success Through Strategic Networking

For anyone that’s spent time in the world of medtech, it's easy to get carried away by the allure of innovation and groundbreaking solutions. But the key to enduring success isn’t just based on a good idea and an executable plan. Perhaps the most important ingredient is your connections with the right people — from advisors and mentors to team members, investors, and cross-functional consultants. As Roger Waters famously put it: “Together we stand, divided we fall.” Sounds cliche, but it’s entirely true.


Breakthroughs in Medtech: 5 Leaders Share Their Secrets to Innovation

The allure of achieving a technological breakthrough is a driving force for many of us in the medtech space. The seemingly endless possibilities of applying innovation to real patient needs draw many entrepreneurs to this field and keep us going when things get tough. 


Success Starts Early: Tips for Building a Thriving Medtech Startup

The medical device industry is not for the faint of heart; it’s one of fierce competition and intricate complexity. Nevertheless, certain strategies can position your startup to forge its own way for success.


Medtech Giants With the Midas Touch: Their Secrets to Success

In Greek mythology, King Midas had the enviable ability to turn everything he touched into gold. In the world of medtech, there’s no King Midas, but there are leaders with an uncanny knack for turning their ventures into gold.


Mastering the Medtech Exit: Proven Secrets to Success

While there’s no such thing as a guaranteed exit in the world of medtech, taking proactive and strategic steps can position you for success when the right opportunity arises. 


Putting Patients First: Strategies for Succeeding in the Consumer Health Market

In the consumer health market, making a groundbreaking medical device is just the beginning. To build and maintain a successful consumer-facing brand, you have to skillfully marry medtech and consumer needs.