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Bruce Shook
CEO, Vesper Medical
Garheng Kong
Founder, HealthQuest Capital
Dr. Scott Wolf
Founder, Aerin Medical
Nadim Yared
Renee Ryan
CEO, Cala Health
Daniel Hawkins
Founder, Shockwave Medical
Dr. David Albert
Founder, AliveCor
Erica Rogers
CEO, Silk Road Medical

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Forging Win-Win Collaborations in Healthcare

Interview with Reimagine Care CEO Dan Nardi

Dan Nardi is known for his operational expertise, understanding of value-based care, and success in building high-performing teams. Today, as the CEO of Reimagine Care, he’s working to extend cancer care beyond the clinic, giving patients a break from the arduous treatment journey, and alleviating the strain on caregivers, clinical teams, and the broader healthcare system. In this interview, Dan shares how he forms strategic partnerships that prioritize long-term value over short-term gains, how to leverage early adopters, and how he’s positioned his company in the emerging fee-for-value healthcare model.

How to Build a Community of Investors

Interview with Pirouette Medical CEO Conor Cullinane

Conor Cullinane is an aeronautical engineer with an impressive resume that spans MIT, Harvard, and NASA. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Pirouette Medical, a startup developing a low-profile, disc-shaped injector designed to deliver medicines more easily and effectively. In this interview, Conor shares learnings from launching a community fundraising round, insights on selective innovation, identifying different value propositions for diverse stakeholders, and building strong investor relationships.

A Physician's Guide to Turning Ideas into Reality

Interview With Canary Medical CEO Dr. Bill Hunter

Dr. Bill Hunter, CEO of Canary Medical, is an accomplished entrepreneur who’s been intimately involved in the development of renowned devices like the TAXUS drug-eluting coronary stent, the paclitaxel-eluting balloon, the Zilver PTX peripheral drug-eluting stent, and the Quill barbed wound closure device. For over a decade, Bill and his team at Canary have developed smart, implantable medical devices that report on function, patient activity, and more. In this interview, Bill talks about his perspective on innovation in medtech, discusses what it takes for a device to be commercially viable, how Canary is alleviating the workload of healthcare professionals, and offers advice to physicians contemplating the transition to industry.

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Erica Rogers
Erica Rogers
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Dr. David Albert
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Nadim Yared
Nadim Yared
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