Conquering the Coverage and Reimbursement Landscape: Interview with Bruce Shook, President of Intact Vascular

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Medsider Interview with Bruce Shook

Bruce Shook joined Intact Vascular in 2014 as President and CEO. A highly-experienced, medical device executive with more than 30 years of industry experience, Bruce was previously Co-founder, Director, President, and CEO of Neuronetics, which is a privately held medical device company that markets a non-invasive brain stimulation technology for the treatment of depression.

Previously, Shook was Co-founder, Director, President, and CEO at Neuron Therapeutics, a venture-backed company developing a drug/device product for the treatment of CNS disorders. Before that, he served as President of Abiomed, where he successfully obtained a PMA approval for the first, FDA-approved ventricular assist device. Bruce developed cardiac pacing and anti-arrhythmia products at Cordis Corporation as well.

Bruce holds advanced degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University and Business Administration from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He earned a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Penn State University.

Interview Highlights with Bruce Shook

  • After a storied medtech career, the device that Bruce is most proud of.
  • The origin story for the Tack Endovascular System and how it’s different than current peripheral vascular stents.
  • Bruce’s transition from Cordis to Abiomed and what he learned both personally and professionally.
  • Why Bruce decided to pursue an MBA from MIT after his run with Abiomed.
  • How Bruce and his team at Neuron Therapeutics responded after their failed clinical trial.
  • The lessons Bruce learned while trying to gain insurance coverage and reimbursement for the TMS device with Neuronetics.
  • Bruce’s advice for other medtech entrepreneurs that need to raise money beyond the “friends and family” round.
  • Bruce’s favorite business book, the CEO he most admires, and the advice he’d give to his 25-year-old self.

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