Using Red Wine to Coat Stents and Balloons

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Is red wine the next breakthrough therapy in the world of drug-eluting stents and balloons?  The research looks promising, according to Dr. John Foley, cofounder of Requisite Biomedical.

Red Wine Drug Coated Stents Balloons

Requisite Biomedical was founded in 2009 to develop intravascular medical device coatings containing a combination of the natural compounds found in red wine Рresveratrol and quercetin. The company’s latest research shows that these two compounds act in synergy to prevent the negative responses to angioplasty treatment that cause re-narrowing of the arteries following a clinical intervention. Resveratrol and quercetin target multiple pathways in disease pathogenesis and should provide a superior healing response compared to products currently on the market and in development.

Dr. John Foley is a Cell and Molecular Biologist who has worked in both academia and the medical device industry. He joined Nanocopoeia, Inc. in 2007 as Director of Biomaterials Research. While at Nanocopoeia, he was instrumental in founding and implementing operations for NanoInterventions, LLC – a company whose mission was to accelerate translational research in new cardiovascular therapies. He has a broad background in medical device coatings for a range of applications (DES, anti-infectives, lubricity, etc.). Prior to Nanocopoeia, he held the position of Senior Scientist at Guidant Corporation/Boston Scientific Corporation.

Interview Highlights with Dr. John Foley

  • What’s right AND wrong with the current coatings on drug-eluting stents.
  • The interesting capabilities of resveratrol and quercetin to prevent proliferation of smooth muscle cells (restenosis) and aid in the final step of vessel healing.
  • The easier path to market – stents vs balloons.
  • Background and future of Requisite Biomedical.
  • John’s unique experience within the Emerging Therapies Group at Guidant, Nanocopoeia, and now Synovis.
  • Why the process to develop medical devices is so fascinating.
  • And much, much more!

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