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Connecting the Dots Between Medtech and AI

Interview with Sonio CEO Cecile Brosset

In this interview, we talk to Cecile Brosset Dubois about her transition from renowned consulting firms like Bain & Company to leading her own medtech startup, Sonio, which focuses on enhancing obstetric ultrasound with AI. We touch on her strategic approach to product development, the importance of an in-house regulatory team, her drive for meaningful work, and effective tactics for fundraising.


Rising to the PMA Challenge as a First-Time Founder

Interview with Corveus CEO Tyler Melton

In this interview, Tyler Melton, co-founder and CEO of Corveus Medical, outlines his approach to strategic innovation in medtech. Tyler shares how using off-the-shelf products for early prototypes saved him both time and money and how accelerator programs provided the networking boost his startup needed to tackle the demanding PMA regulatory pathway.


A Self-Starter’s Guide to Medtech

Interview with Liberate Medical CEO Angus McLachlan

Co-founded by the ingenious Angus McLachlan, Liberate Medical is developing a breakthrough device that synchronizes with a patient's breathing pattern, significantly reducing atrophy of the respiratory muscles for those on mechanical ventilation. In this interview, we talk about Angus’s do-it-yourself philosophy, how a deep understanding of the technology you’re developing gives you leverage across multiple functions, and the nuances of pitching to investors.


Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Medtech

Interview with Fisher Wallace CEO Kelly Roman

Kelly Roman, co-founder and CEO of Fisher Wallace, shares his career leap from literature and marketing to pioneering a novel approach to the treatment of mental health. Kelly and his team at Fisher Wallace are combining deep-rooted strategic insights with advanced technological innovation to revolutionize mental health with a wearable brain stimulation device. In this interview, we delve into what Kelly's learned on his journey, touching on the value of unconventional thinking, the importance of making mental health treatments more accessible and less stigmatized, and the potential of decentralized clinical trials.


Childlike Curiosity and the Scientific Approach to Medtech Startups

Interview with Levita Magnetics CEO Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro

Discover Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro’s journey — from his childhood fascination with using magnets to clean the inside of his turtle tank to leveraging this concept into a cutting-edge magnetic surgery platform. As a surgeon-turned-CEO, Alberto discusses what to consider when starting a new business, how to hone your framework when transitioning from the clinic, and early-stage strategies to ease the road to FDA approval.


A Roadmap to Serial Medtech Entrepreneurship

Interview with SinglePass CEO Bill Colone

In this interview, Bill Colone, the co-founder and CEO of SinglePass, shares invaluable insights and actionable strategies on building and leveraging an expansive network, optimizing fundraising, and strategically planning for both acquisition and independent growth.


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Embracing Ambition Without Arrogance

Interview with Luminelle CEO Allison London Brown

Allison London Brown is a seasoned healthcare executive turned startup pioneer. In this interview, she shares insights on how to best understand your strengths and weaknesses, the potential pitfalls of 'one size fits all' regulatory strategies, and innovative methods to secure capital in a risk-averse economy.


Iterating Towards Perfection in Medtech

Interview with Sonavex CEO David Narrow

In this interview, David Narrow, CEO of Sonavex, shares the art of perfecting product design, strategies to adeptly navigate complex regulatory waters, and the nuances of capturing the trust and interest of venture capitalists. All in all, vital lessons for every budding entrepreneur in the medtech space.


From Circuit Boards to Brainwaves

Interview with Noctrix Health CEO Shriram Raghunathan

Shriram Raghunathan, founder of Noctrix Health, shares how a mindset of exploration has driven his venture into the development of novel medical solutions within the challenging terrain of neurology. He offers valuable insights on the critical importance of focusing on unmet needs, building a high-performance team, and navigating regulatory and capital-raising challenges.


Seizing Unexpected Medtech Opportunities

Interview with Ablative Solutions CEO Kate Rumrill

Kate Rumrill's journey from being an aspiring neurosurgeon to leading a medtech startup underscores the power of seizing unexpected opportunities. In this interview, Kate, CEO of Ablative Solutions, dives into her three-decade-long career and provides valuable lessons on the importance of thorough research, strategic clinical trial design, and effective reimbursement strategies.


Defying Boundaries in Medtech

Interview with Pixium Vision CEO Lloyd Diamond

Lloyd Diamond maps out his journey from consulting in Europe to leading Pixium Vision, a medtech game-changer. He shares practical lessons on building a lean and adaptable team, navigating the intricacies of regulatory processes, and succeeding at strategic fundraising. His insights, drawn from hands-on experience, provide actionable advice for startups making their way in the challenging medtech landscape.


Funding a Medtech Startup in Uncertain Times

Interview with NovaScan CEO Craig Davis

NovaScan CEO Craig Davis unveils his journey from being a partner at LaSalle Investments to leading the charge in revolutionizing cancer diagnostics. He delves into the myriad of challenges entrepreneurs face, like fostering efficient early-stage development, designing clinical trials for rapid data collection, and mastering the art of fundraising in an ever-evolving financial landscape.


Shaping the Future of Mental Health

Interview with Magnus Medical Co-Founder Brett Wingeier

Dr. Brett Wingeier, co-founder and CTO of Magnus Medical discusses his journey of developing innovative neurostimulation devices to treat various conditions, including epilepsy and depression. He shares valuable insights into understanding the system you're working with, balancing consumer and provider perspectives, and ensuring cost-effectiveness for successful reimbursement.


Failing Forward in Medtech

Interview with Mara McFadden, CEO of Endolumik

Mara McFadden, a seasoned medtech professional turned entrepreneur, shares her valuable experiences, from her early days at Johnson & Johnson to co-founding Endolumik. We talk about her philosophy of embracing imperfections and learning from your failures, why customer engagement and team culture are integral to business growth, and how the art of smart fundraising can lead to a thriving venture.