The 6 Key Digital Marketing Options that All Medical Device Companies Need to Consider: Interview with Asher Cameron

In the mad rush to arm your medical device sales force with the latest iPad apps, have you stopped to consider whether your digital marketing efforts truly align with your overall marketing and sales objectives?

It’s a mistake that a lot of medical device companies are making.

Perhaps more important, have you placed enough emphasis on training your salesforce how to properly use the expensive digital tools you’ve provided them with?

In this interview with Asher Cameron, VP of Account Services for Infuse Medical, we learn how to differentiate between “marketing digital” and “digital marketing” in an effort to define a strategic digital marketing plan for your medical device company.

Interview Highlights with Asher Cameron

  • The 6 digital marketing categories that medical device companies should consider.
  • What digital marketing option carries the most potential for disrupting the traditional medical device sales channel?
  • The anatomy of effective medical device mobile applications.
  • What is the #1 digital marketing request from physicians?

Read the Interview with Asher Cameron

Download a copy of the interview transcript right here.

More About Asher Cameron

Asher Cameron is the VP of Account Services for Infuse Medical, a comprehensive digital agency focused exclusively on the medical device industry. Prior to joining Infuse Medical, Asher spent nearly 10 years in senior marketing roles at Hill-Rom, Medtronic, and C.R. Bard. Asher has led the development and launch of over $200 million in new medical devices and has managed over $600 million in medical device product lines. While at C.R. Bard, Asher launched several digital marketing initiatives involving mobile applications, interactive training modules, and web-based tools. Asher holds B.S. and MBA degrees from Brigham Young University.

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